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About Us


Black Girls Entertainment

Black Girl Television Network (BLKGTV) is a telecommunications platform that broadcast/streams independent content creators' visual work. We focus on content visibility and viewer growth.  

Our mission is to provide a space where creators can afford to host their content on a major platform, gain publicity, earn from their work, and live out their dream. 

We are The Original Home of the Independents. We turn dreams into reality for a fee. We guarantee creatives an opportunity to showcase their work at an affordable rate while offering multiple avenues for advertisement. 

Danielle Walker

CEO | President

Born in Atlanta, raised on the west side. My desire is to create a place where creators can feel and know their dreams can come true and provide a platform where our audience can be entertained by people like you and me.

Michael Crowne

Chief Art Director of Media

Born and raised in Los Angeles, grew up in Atlanta. Michael's role is to produce the creative outlook of the BLKGTV Network and how it is represented to the public. His goal is to supply a premium quality presentation that promotes nothing less than top shelf.

Le’Royal Monte Cole

VP | Customer Service

Born in New Jersey, raised in Jersey and Decatur Georgia. Le'Royal's role is to make sure BLKGTV Network are serving our customers with the level of service that mimics our core values and keeps our clients and customers feeling welcomed and appreciated.

Keshawn Jones

Executive Assistant

Born in Atlanta, raised on the west side. Keshawn's role is to make sure all of the needs of the team and the customers are being heard and make sure the team are implementing processes and procedures that will keep Blkgtv Network at the forefront of customers choice.

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